The Vasel & Co. Story

My name is Candace Smith, and I am the owner of Vasel & Co. Below is the inspiration for why I wanted to start this business, and the significance behind the boutique name. 


In 1921, my great-great grandfather, Harry Vasel, opened Vasel's Fine Jewelry store in southern Illinois. When he passed away, my great grandmother, Marion Brand (Harry Vasel's daughter), took ownership of the store. She kept running the business until its 75th anniversary, when she retired at age 86. She was such an inspiration to me. She died at age 102, and lived such an amazing life in between. To give perspective, she was alive during the sinking of the Titanic!

Her daughter, Barbara Niermann (my grandmother), salvaged a few diamond rings from Vasel's after a terrible fire burned down the entire building in 2006. Two of the few rings she saved, I am wearing on my left ring finger. I was able to have a wedding ring set from Vasel's! My husband knew how much that would mean to me, so he arranged to obtain my engagement ring and wedding band from my grandmother. 

Anyway, my G.G. is the inspiration to my business. At a young age, she began running Vasel's with little money, but faith in God. I hope to carry on her legacy through my shop, and pass it down for generations to come.